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The average website converts only 2-3% of the web traffic they receive.


We routinely 2X or even 3X a website’s conversion rate within the first 30 days.

The average business generates less than 15% of its revenue from strategic partnerships.


We typically establish between 5-10 additional strategic partnerships and joint ventures that drive additional revenue day in, day out.

The average business says the same things as their competitors and has trouble standing out in the market place.


We craft offers so unique, captivating and irresistible that in turn make advertising and organic marketing a breeze.

To keep up with today's quick pace of business, you need to be better than average.

Right Traffic, Right Ads, Right Partners =

High Conversion Rates​

When we work together, your business becomes our business.

We want to be a part of your success story.

Our staff is cross-trained in all facets of services we offer, and have a ‘can do’ attitude towards all projects and the challenges we are presented with.

Our Services

Unlocking the power of effective communication.

Conversion Rate Optimization​

We foster strong relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure positive media coverage for your brand. Our team crafts compelling press releases, pitches stories, and coordinates media interviews to maximize your brand exposure.

PPC Advertising​

From Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube Ads to custom landing pages, we will help you achieve the highest return on investment you’ve ever had.​

Web Design & Video Production​

We design attention-grabbing, user-friendly websites that convert like crazy. And our production team will assist you in making irresistible marketing videos to catch more customers.​

Strategic Partnerhsips​

Brands that have common interests and audiences that don’t compete with each other can cooperate for mutual benefit. We help establish strategic partnerships that last for a long time and reliably bring in the highest converting and most profitable customers.​

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying 🚀

MV Santé Vision

With more than 20,000 operations performed to date, MV SANTE VISION is the market leader in French-speaking Switzerland for laser vision correction.

New revenue generating

channels added


Leads generated


Satisfied client since:


"We decided to work with Fastlane Marketing because they had a well established and refined process specifically designed for our industry. Once their system was in place, there was no effort required on our end and they started reliably filling up our calendar. Their staff is very responsive and accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend their service to other businesses looking to grow in a reliable way."

Goran Jankovic

Director, MV Santé Vision SA

Sanoptis AG

Founded in 2018, Sanoptis has rapidly grown to become the second largest European ophthalmology services provider with over 250 facilities and approximately EUR 300 million of revenue in 2021.

Average increase in conversion rate across portfolio websites:


Consultations scheduled to date:


Satisfied client since:


"Our marketing strategy before the collaboration was quite broad and not really focused. We threw ourselves on too many segments and lost sight of our actual goals a bit in the process. By working with Fastlane Marketing, we have redefined our goals and outlined them more clearly, which allows us to pursue them much more purposefully and sustainably. The cooperation is characterized by intensive communication and a regular exchange, which allows us to react quite dynamically to changes."

Tim Herbst

Commercial Director, Sanoptis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with an agency that specializes in LASIK marketing and not a general-purpose agency?

When it comes to marketing LASIK centers, specialization matters. Our agency has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the LASIK industry, allowing us to create highly targeted and effective marketing strategies tailored specifically to your practice. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of promoting LASIK services, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield the best possible results.

How long does it typically take to see results from paid advertising?

With our specialization and proven campaigns, you can expect to see results from paid advertising in less than 7 days. Our agency utilizes advanced targeting techniques and optimized ad placements to maximize your return on investment and drive immediate traffic and leads to your LASIK center.

What sets you apart?

Our agency stands out due to several factors. Firstly, we have developed proprietary software that allows us to analyze data and optimize campaigns with precision. Additionally, our strong connections with medical device manufacturers and their marketing departments give us access to exclusive resources and insights. Moreover, our extensive experience working with leading LASIK centers worldwide provides us with unparalleled expertise in the industry.

Will you also work with my direct competitors?

No, we prioritize exclusivity and only work with one LASIK center per metropolitan region. This ensures that we can fully dedicate our resources and attention to your practice, without any conflicts of interest. However, it's important to act quickly to secure our services, as availability is limited.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and ambitions. We believe in providing bespoke solutions that align with your goals and budget. Let's schedule a quick call to discuss your requirements in detail, and we can provide you with a personalized quote that reflects the value we can deliver to your LASIK center.

How long have you been in business?

Our agency has been in the marketing industry for over 10 years. For the past 7 years, we have specialized in working with LASIK centers globally, ranging from single-location practices to nation-wide chains and private equity-backed conglomerations. Our extensive experience uniquely positions us to understand and address the marketing needs of LASIK providers across diverse markets.


We built proprietary software to help our clients succeed​

LasikCRM™ is a marketing automation platform built to manage follow up, two-way texting and sophisticated email marketing campaigns to nurture and reactivate customers and prospects alike.

North America Office

+1 (604) 757-1998​

available from 10 am - 6 pm PST

Address: 5307 Victoria Drive #834 Vancouver,

BC V5P 3V6

Email: info@fastlanemarketing.ca

UAE Office

+971 (588) 772219​

available from 8 am - 6 pm Gulf Time

Address: 101 Building A2 Dubai Digital Park, Dubai

Email: mena@fastlanemarketing.ca

Fastlane Marketing is a digital performance marketing agency and joint venture brokerage firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

5307 Victoria Dr #834, Vancouver, BC V5P 3V6, Canada

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